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in a postmodern era that is obsessed with the past where digital reproduction seems to shrink the present and creates an ever increasing past, images can no longer provide a continious historical line that serves as a collective cultural experience. people feel a breach with this collective past and long for the personal stories in the larger cultural happenings. images for example shown in media and the internet therefore become fragmented and can be reinterpreted in many personal ways.

My work makes use of a database or archive that consists out of these found images. By combining these images with the use of analogue and digital reproductive techniques they go through a destructive process which detoriates and shifts them. It creates an array of fragmented moments which are nothing more then remnants of their original meaning.

By transferring these remnants onto fragile and unstable materials that are gathered from construction sites I create unstable constructions with an architectural feeling. By often destroying the work, the destruction of this form is a permanent interaction between the seen image and the content of the image. here the traces of the act form the image. This creates an indefinable emptiness. as if my pictures are incomplete, left behind for the viewer to connect the remaining pieces together and complete the story. It can be defined as a physical manifestation of the process of memory.

this gives way to the ultimate goal of my chosen presentation which is to create a visual tool for contemplation & personal reflection. in a fragile construction that gives way to create stories around the images. The storylines created around these images shimmer between fiction and reality.


Robin Gerris